Hi Op, Hi Jwep333!

I am from Brazil and just got an amazing Majesty Monarchy 7-string (Imperial Blue). I had the exact same issue: wheel truss was completely loose, and the neck with a back bow. After adjusting a bit the saddles and putting some pressure on the wheel truss, the sound got better, but the buzzing on the lower frets still happen. I've been to three luthiers (one of which is a reputable luthier who crafts the best guitars produced in Brazil) and they all had the same view: the neck has back bow and it is trully hard to revert it (aready have the 0.1 strings gauge, and the luthier went 1 step up to try putting more strength on the strings - and the neck did not come back). Overall recommendation was to return it.

I've spoken with Joe from EBMM CS (very nice guy) who recommended putting some pressure on the middle of the neck and then turning clock-wise the wheel truss (so to have it into more "default" state).... and after a couple of hours try to loosen it a bit and see if I can get some relief. I will try that once I get home from work.

Has anyone experienced similar trouble? Is it possible to revert it?

The guitar plays well the way it is, but for being astonishing as I dreamed and hear about I would want to lower the action a bit more and avoid the buzzing (which is clearly noticeable through the amp on the lower frets).

Thanks a lot for your help!