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Thread: EBMM JP XI - Bridge pickup

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    EBMM JP XI - Bridge pickup

    Hi Guys,

    I recently obtained a JP XI and I like it quite a bit. I do find that the bridge pickup seems a little sterile and stiff to my ears. Now I also have a EBMM Axis which I also love. In particular the bridge pickup of the axis is amazing - esp with my Mesa Mark V (mark iv mode).

    Here is my question. If I want to replace the NECK the pickup on the XI and go for something smoother and creamier sounding. It doesnt have to do the exact sound of the Axis neck- but something along the same lines.

    Question 1 - can someone recommend a Dimarzio pickup that will sound similar to what the Axis has in the neck pickup?

    Question 2 -On the JP XI what is the difference between toggle switch up in the middle position and toggle switch down in the normal position? Serial vs Parellel? What does this mean?

    Thank you!
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    Frequently Asked Questions | DiMarzio

    On the JP XI when the tone pot switch is up, you get the outside coils of the two humbuckers in parallel. In the down position you have the two full humbuckers in parallel. You'll find the control diagram here...

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    For a Dimarzio that is "smoother and creamier" than the Crunch Lab, the Breed, Gravity Storm, or Super 3 come to mind. FWIW, I think Dimarzio claims the AT-1 or Tone Zone are the closest to the Axis bridge pickup. Maybe email Dimarzio and see what they recommend.
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    Guys I am so sorry. I messed up when I posted. The bridge pickup is fine. The NECK Pickup is the one that I don't care for. Considering a replacement for that slot not the bridge.

    Thank you for that link to the Dimarzio site. I guess the Air Norton is the closest to the Axis neck - thank you!.
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    Congratulations on the JPXI! =)

    Based on my experience with the Air Norton and the Liquifire (JPXI) pickups installed in the neck position, I'd say that they are not THAT different in terms of voicing. The EQ diagram on the DiMarzio website seems to be quite similar for the two as well. I use the clean channel on a Mesa/Boogie F-50 amp to make comparisons between pickups because of its immense headroom (no cranking the sound). No FX at all.

    But since DiMarzio says that the Air Norton is the closest thing to the pickup you are looking for..

    PS1. What does "creamier" exactly mean? =D
    PS2. LiquiFire™ | DiMarzio (it says here that the Liquifire is actually warmer than the Air Norton)
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