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Thread: The piezo system on my majesty guitar does not work

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    The piezo system on my majesty guitar does not work

    I got my Majesty 2 days ago and the piezo system isn’t working correctly. The magnetic pickups work perfectly but when I switch to the piezo I have to turn my amp up very loud and I get a faint clean sound that cuts in and out. Another problem I have is when I use the whammy bar the entire guitar cuts out and I have to unplug it for it to work again. I’ve replaced the batteries, and changed cables but nothing seems to work. How can I fix these issues???!!! I really want to test out the acoustic capabilities on this guitar.
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum!

    Go back to the store you bought from and have them check it out. If you bought it new, you're covered under warranty. You can also contact Music Man Customer Service directly by phone or email, see links in my signature below.

    I'm sure the majesty owners here on the forum will chime in if they have any suggestions.
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    I would bet the guitar is set to stereo and not mono. To verify this, hold it so you can see the LED on the battery compartment and plug the guitar in. If the Blue LED flashes twice, you are in stereo. To switch to MONO.... press and hold the Piezo volume knob down. Continue holding(about three seconds). The LED on the back will flash Orange and the sound will cut out. Continue holding until you see the LED flash Blue once. Verify that the change worked by switching between Magnetic and Piezo with the selector switch. You should hear sound from both pickup systems through one amp. If yes, then unplug the cable from the guitar to save the change. If no, repeat process and if that doesn't work, call customer service.

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    I’ve tried that too and nothing changed :/

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