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Thread: JPXI - bridge 'hums'

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    JPXI - bridge 'hums'


    One final JP XI question. Recently acquired it - love it sounds great feels great etc...One thing I have noticed with the floating bridge and I've never seen this with any other float bridge.

    When you play certain chords open chords or do heavy palm mutes then open chords then you do a hard silence (by muting with left hand) sometimes I notice the bridge starts to vibrate ever so slightly and it creates a hum you can hear through the amp. Has anyone seen this before? IS there a way to fine tune the settings on the bridge so it doesnt hum?

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like something is loose and the vibration is going through the piezo saddles. Or could it be a grounding problem? Although that would likely be apparent whenever you touch the bridge.

    Try testing each string individually with the muting technique. See if that narrows down the problem to a specific saddle.

    Is your whammy bar clipped in correctly?
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    It might actually be vibration from the tremolo springs. Try putting some foam, or something similar, under the springs to see if that solves the problem. If so, there are many easy ways to deal with the issue (including leaving the foam there). Try a Google search...
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    Yeah I'd say it's either the trem springs or the strings behind the nut.
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    Thanks for the tips guys ill try that.

    I'm 100% sure its coming from the bridge because when I do a left handed mute on all strings and i remove my right hand I can feel the bridge vibrating and the hum comes through the amp. I gently touch the bridge and this silences the hum.

    I'll report back.

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    When I first got my Majesty, I felt the spring noise was way too loud.

    After looking around the house, I found and cut up a USB cable and slid the pieces into the springs. The cable acted as a great silencer and I never noticed it impeding the operation of the trem.

    So that's one option if you don't want to mess with foam that can get worn out, or spend the cash on noiseless springs.
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    Thank you for replies. Issue resolved. Old USB cable lying around met its maker but the bridge is hum free. Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrpingua View Post

    Thank you for replies. Issue resolved. Old USB cable lying around met its maker but the bridge is hum free. Thanks again!
    So it was the trem springs?...
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    Yeah appears so.

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