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Thread: sterling Lk 100D

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    sterling Lk 100D

    I own a MM Luke 1 with EMG pickups, which , until I wore the frets out was the best gtr I've owned,
    I bought a Sterling Lk 100D , hoping it would be a reasonable compromise, but
    I gotta say, it's heavier like water logged wood , and I don't get the pick ups which don't seem " organic "
    To me. ( as Steve said ) the bridge Pu seems to have a peaky treble qualify and the 2 & 4 positions don't feel
    Very useful ( or not in a consistent way with the other positions 2 better than 4 )

    Any useful mods . Are these really the same pick ups as in the MM ?

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    Well...let me know if you want to sell them there pickups, because they freaking rock in my humble opinion. Some of the nicest pups I've ever heard.

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    I'd consider a trade or what are you offering ?

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    PM sent.

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