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Thread: Has anyone tried the hss cutlass yet?

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    Has anyone tried the hss cutlass yet?

    Hey folks,

    I'm struggling to get on with my suhr hss, I'm hoping some new pickups might help me but if they don't I'll have room in my arsenal for a hss guitar. I've had L3's and Luke's before so I'm looking at the hss cutlass but there's not much our there at the moment.

    I know they'll play great but what about those pickups, can they go hot and dirty? I don't play heavy but I play in a lot of cover bands so my guitar needs to cover a lot of ground.



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    Handled one in a shop today but I'm sorry to say I didn't have time to plug it in and try it. I'd just got through playing a st V, a Val and a couple of AVRI strats and needed to get to the Tom Petty gig in London

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    I'm crazy to try one already! I have 2 silo specials and the first thing that went was the bridge pup in each, If the HSS Cutlass has a weak bridge its an easy swap and I am prepared for that but I should have enough coin to order one most likely from Dubaldo at the end of the summer....I loved the SSS Cutlass but I need a bucker in the bridge...OP just grab one you know its going to be a great guitar!

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