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Thread: A beginning crack in my LIII neck

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    A beginning crack in my LIII neck

    I was quite shocked to find a starting crack in the neck of my most used and loved MusicMan, my red sparkle LIII

    It's quite hard to make visible on a photo, but it's the line coming from the neck pocket. It's very noticable while playing though..

    A beginning crack in my LIII neck-7f0f57f1-faa3-402e-b4cc-5e04fa203e4c-jpg

    What do you guys think? I can mail customer service of course, but I live in the Netherlands so I guess there's not a lot they can do..
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    Dude, that's a bummer. I wonder if you could send that neck back and pay an offset for a new one? Or get some of that stuff from the infomercials that turns a screen door into a boat?
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    If you bought it from a dealer in the Netherlands or EU, you may be covered under warranty. Get in touch with the store you bought from.

    Otherwise call EBMM customer service for advice.
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