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Thread: Feels like home...

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    Feels like home...

    So long story short I've always been a big Floyd player and have owned two Axis models. They were far and away the best guitar I have owned (and that's including non Floyd classic models from every manufacturer). I had an absolutely amazing Tribute that I stupidly sold because I was told I needed a backup stage guitar. The funny thing is I never break strings, Slinky 9s, but listened and bought two identical other so cal named shred guitars. After six months of upgrading and constant work I gave up and sold both. Was looking for another Axis until I happened upon an LIII... what a Fbomb of a guitar. Easily the most versatile and comfortable guitar I've ever owned. It sounds so good in fact my entire band texted me the morning after practice. Also the engineer and mixer for my bands EP requested I retrack all my parts this weekend!!! I stand by my screename

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    The L3s HSS are great and about as versatile of guitar you will find. Enjoy!

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    Welcome (back) and congrats on your new EBMM!

    Pics expected ...
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    Congrats. I love my LIII SN.

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    Feels like home...-img_2393-jpgWell I'm sure you've all seen a Bohdi Blue LIII but the neck is especially killer. I chose not to go for pretty top as I play out frequently and feel bad when things happen.

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    Bohdi Blue is a pretty top... Do not doubt. Good choice.

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    Those transition pups are perfect. I put them in my silo special and it sounds fantastic...

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    Oh no doubts from me at all! I almost pulled the trigger on a scratch and dent hazel burst, but I love this guitar. Also having the flame neck is kind of like just for you; can't see the top when you're playing anwyay. Easily the most comfortable guitar sitting down or standing up. Loving the vintage trem and excited for easier string changes (I'm good with a Floyd but can't beat locking tuners) I agree on the transition pickups comment! I have the HH and I'd say these and the axis dimarzio are close, but I give the edge to the transition. Never had a ceramic pickup I bonded with till these. Honestly for once it's a guitar I don't think I'd change anything on, maybe stainless frets, but everything is just perfect for me. Classic and modern in a package that not only gets out of your way, but inspires!

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    Welcome back! How would you compare the neck to the Axis?
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    Congrats!! That neck - flamey goodness!!
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    Thanks all! And the neck isn't that far off from an axis, just not asymmetrical. The "v" is a little apparent for the first few strums, but then kind of just fits. I have pretty large hands, but find the 12" radius mixed with a soft v about ideal. It's literally the best of a "F" and "G" in one. You can really dig in, be technical/fast, and feel like something is there all at once.

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    Wow, that neck is awsome. Congrats!
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