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Thread: Axis super sport serial#

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    Wink Axis super sport serial#

    Hi I just bought a super sport with the serial # G67487 How do I get some info on this beauty , I cleaned the neck and maple fret board the guitar is mint but she neck and finger board were filthy. Is the maple neck unfinished it seems so?Thanks

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    Post the serial here to get information on birth date: Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

    Yes, with the exception of some recent models, MM necks are finished with oil and wax. In addition to the neck profiles and weight (of a lot of their guitars), this is why nothing else feels like a MM guitar. Do a search of forum posts for neck care and there is planty of guidance for how to clean and apply oil/wax to the neck and fretboard. Very easy to maintain.

    Hope this helps.
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