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Thread: Insuring your Balls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitar Drummer View Post
    Clarion gave me a call back.

    They thanked me for my interest, and said that their underwriting department gave my situation "careful review."

    They said that my "risk does not fall within the scope of their program."

    They said there were "multiple items that prevent it from qualifying," and did not clarify what those items might be.

    They also indicated that there was "custody control exposure," because the drums, hardware, and guitar cases were in a storage unit, and that this increases risk of loss. I don't ship my instruments, ever, so that was not part of the concern.

    So, in short, I just finished listening to their rejection voicemail. If you have a collection of 14 guitars, 4 basses, a few keyboards, and a storage unit with two drum sets, drum hardware, and guitar cases, then you will not qualify.
    Interesting. Guess they only want the easy money.
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    I'm guessing the storage unit is a big part of the problem. Break-ins at storage units are becoming depressingly commonplace, because there's rarely much security and thieves have figured out that people store all sorts of valuable stuff there. Bryan Beller recently had a bunch of valuable gear stolen from a storage unit and wrote several long posts about it on FB. The police caught the people who did it but I believe they haven't recovered the gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muggsy View Post
    I'm guessing the storage unit is a big part of the problem.
    It could be, and I could easily skip the storage unit part if that were their only concern. I have a $6,000 policy through the storage company, which would cover the majority of the drums.

    At this particular facility, each unit has an alarm. Punching in opens the gate and disables that specific alarm. Leaving requires a punch, which opens the gate and enables the alarm.

    Failure to punch out means the alarm is automatically enabled at gate closing time.

    Failure to punch in, and then opening the unit door, alerts the police. Once a guy followed me in without putting in his code. Police showed up four minutes after he opened his unit, and he had to pay a police security fee for false alarm.

    My next move will be to take my gear database info to AAA, where I have my renter's insurance, and ask them exactly what would be covered.

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