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Thread: Majesty monarchy dead.

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    Unhappy Majesty monarchy dead.

    This past month I’ve gotten 4 music man majesties but each one ends up with an issue. The first one I got was a floor model so there were obvious wear and tear with it so I sent that in and decided to get a brand new one. I ordered the arctic dream majesty and the piezo system was broken on it so I returned it and got a different one. With the third guitar it died completely within the first week and I went through all the steps of replacing he batteries, switching between mono and stereo etc. So now I decided to get the brand new monarchy series hoping there was no issues with it. I got it yesterday and it’s already dead. When I picked it up this morning I noticed that the tone wasn’t at its fullest, then I switched to the piezo and there was the exact same sound of dry distortion. So I did the same troubleshooting of the batteries and the modes but the light never went blue or orange and again it is completely dead. I’m tired of returning the guitars and I’m contemplating getting the Jem guitar but I know how great the majesty is. So can someone please tell me how to fix this reoccurring issue with this guitar? Thanks.
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    Sorry to read your problem. Try to contact with the MM Customer Service. They will definately help you.
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    You're going to need to talk to Music Man directly and see if you can figure out what's going on. Link in my signature. Give them a call / email on Monday.

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    Are you using a Vox amp with multiple impedance inputs?
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    Dead the next morning? Sounds like you left the cable plugged in all night?

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    No, I use the line 6 spider 4 150 watt.

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    No, I unplug the cable anytime I finish playing.

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    I'm in no way criticizing MM because I'm sure they will solve the problem BUT this "dead Majesty" problem tends to surface on the forum once in a while.
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    PM Sent!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Jason View Post
    I'm in no way criticizing MM because I'm sure they will solve the problem BUT this "dead Majesty" problem tends to surface on the forum once in a while.
    Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. MM customer service will take care of you for sure. Just a shot in the dark but, make sure not to use re-chargable batteries. I learned this the hard way when mine went dead as I had damaged the game-changer wiring harness by using rechargeable batteries. I had to send it to CA for a repair.

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    for sure the majesty is very fragile, more than others musicman...I got 2 majestys in the past, no problem for me :-)

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