Hello Westegg and congrats on getting your Majesty. My wife surprised me with my dream guitar on my birthday. I have wanted a Artisan Majesty in Rosso, since they came out. I played a few of the Majesty's at the local Guitar Center, but for that kind of money, I wanted the Artisan. I can tell you when I opened the box, and saw the case, my heart dropped because I couldn't believe that she finally took all of the hints I had dropped. The deep red with the gold hardware just pops and everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it is. Some even asked to hold it, but I just laughed at them because that wasn't going to happen. Ha!

I love both the weight and size of the guitar and it plays like a dream. Like you I have played it every possible moment and I am still experiencing all of the different tones it can make with the piezo and pickups. It is everything I had hoped it would be and more.

I was fortunate enough to meet the guys from Dream Theater, to include my favorite guitar player John Petrucci at a show they did in Richmond Virginia. They were all so down to earth and I remember talking to JP about his new pick design that he had (which I now use). It was still hard to believe that JP was standing right in front of me and we were talking about DT's tour and his guitar playing. I even joked with him saying that I had wanted a Majesty for so long that I saw them packing his guitars up after the show and I contemplated jumping down onto the stage and taking the one he played Spirit Carries On, on, but Mattie looked he wasn't going to have any of that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Majesty as much as I do mine. It has taken a while for me to finally get it and that is only because I have the best wife in the world.
New here and just bought a Majesty-img_5072-jpg