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Thread: Extreme measures to secure EBMM guitar

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    Extreme measures to secure EBMM guitar

    What is the extent / extreme you have gone to in effort to get your EBMM guitar?

    For me, after playing a JP6 i knew i had to have it and with 2 kids in college right now i needed to make a bold move to quickly come up with the balance of cash needed, so i sold the below 05 LP Standard for 800 bucks/ it had been my go to guitar for 12 years and no regrets at all for parting with it, best move ever / cant wait for my next EBMM !! Although I am not sure what else i can sell....

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    Wait, you sold an LP Standard for $800? Got any more sitting around?

    I traded in a PRS Custom 22 to buy my first ASS. The PRS fanboys were in shock, but I felt I came out ahead.
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    After playing a Silhouette, I sold my Rickenbacker to buy one. Then, after playing the Silo for awhile, I played a GC and sold my Parker to get one. I was a total Music Man convert after that. Nothing but Music Man guitars now.
    I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it. EVH

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    Sold my PRS Tremonti to fund my first ASS. Never looked back. MM only for me now.
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    Ive sold almost every instrument ive had before, and after getting my bongo 6 years ago. Always come back to it.

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    I had sort of a "one in, one out" rule for a while. Bought my natty Axis from Pete and sold off a Wolfgang Special to some local band guitarist.
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    I've sold off all my non-ebmm guitars except two...

    a 1956 LP jr double cut (my first guitar)
    and a Start that was given to me by my father in law after I sold it to him to buy an EBMM (my mint green silo special)

    Neither guitar gets played but still have them...
    my live guitars are either EBMM or SBMM no looking back at all
    Enjoy the Journey - Enjoy the Process
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    I'm prepared to sell my mint condition Gretsch Duo Jet if I need to cover the cost of my Majesty purchase if need be. The Gretsch would be very hard for me to give up, it's one of the most perfect guitars I've ever played.
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