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Thread: MM Jason Richardson signature model - first preview spotted out

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    MM Jason Richardson signature model - first preview spotted out

    So I found this posted by Jason himself on his Insta-stories yesterday. It can give us an idea how will the new MM model look like. It seems that it will be based on the Majesty Monarchy.

    Check this out!

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    Wouldn't be much of a signature guitar if it was based off someone else's signature guitar, particularity to the degree that pic would seem to suggest...... or am i off base in that thinking?

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    Agree with you Trapper. Can't tell much from that picture, except that it will be made from wood. Good to know a new model is coming, though.
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    Well, he does have a custom JP so maybe this is a one-off Majesty?
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    I think it's quite a leap to go from that photo to signature model. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    Buckeye Burl shield on a Majesty. The shield is a JP symbol. Not a signature at this point, rather a custom guitar for JR.
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    Well, it looks like it will be a 7ST
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteDuBaldo View Post
    Well, it looks like it will be a 7ST
    Or 8, the Neck looks pretty beefy.
    Excited to see the finished Guitar nonetheless

    edit: just saw the 7ST written on the body lol
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    Definitely not the signature. Just a one off majesty for him. Best of both worlds for him

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    forgive me, I had to google him...
    is he big in America?
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    Quote Originally Posted by banjoplayer View Post
    forgive me, I had to google him...
    is he big in America?
    He's big amongst Deathcore fans and somewhat amongst guitar shredders
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