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Thread: My 2010 Blue Pearl Silhouette HSH

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    My 2010 Blue Pearl Silhouette HSH

    Bought this beauty about a year ago.
    what can I say? I love everything about it!
    perfect size, detailed workmanship. great VFM all round.

    the stock pups (virtual PAFs) are actually pretty good! but I ended up replacing them a week ago with a Suhr set (SSH+ on the bridge, SSV for the neck and ML in the middle). now it's even more than amazing, it's a flamethrower!

    the finish is really beautiful in my opinion. I love blue guitars, and this darker blue is a really interesting color. I made some pics with flash on where you can see that the color actually has sparkles in it, this is not visible in regular light, awesome job, EBMM!

    I can't understand how the silo is slipping through EBMM's catalog these days. it's an amazing instrument, now offered only in black or white.

    regarding the switch I added, this is a strat/prs mod switch.

    switch up gives me all classic strat positions (split bridge, split bridge+middle, middle, split neck + middle, split neck)

    switch down is for prs mod (bridge full hb, bridge full hb + neck split, bridge full hb + neck full hb, bridge split + neck split, neck full hb)

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    Congratulations and happy playing with it!! =D

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    Nice congrats, very nice looking Silo, great combination of rosewood and non-matching headstock!!

    Glenn |B)
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    For my money that is the perfect colour combo for the silo. I'd quite like a silo special in that colour

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    I love it. You have that Silo set up to be a versatile workhorse.

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    Echoing that is a great color combination. Very nice!
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    Really cool getting that second switch put in there, just hold on to those virtual PAFs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaseyBall View Post
    Really cool getting that second switch put in there, just hold on to those virtual PAFs!
    I'm holding on to them of course, they're pretty nice. I have an old Aria Pro II LP copy somewhere with original pups, you think it might be worth a shot putting them there? any idea how they sound on a mahogany set neck?

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    That's a nice blue and I like the contrast of the pick guard color against it. Nice find and congrats!
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    "I can't understand how the silo is slipping through EBMM's catalog these days. it's an amazing instrument, now offered only in black or white."

    I've owned a red silo special for about 15 years. I've also got 2 black ones from the 90s, one hardtail and one with a Floyd.

    I agree with you, they are fantastic instruments, and one heck of a good deal for what you get. I always feel like public demand should be higher. Of course I'm biased, given that I started playing 20+ years ago and my first guitar was a silo.

    My complements on your guitar OP.

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