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Thread: NGD - Monarchy Majesty 7 String Review

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    NGD - Monarchy Majesty 7 String Review

    Here is my full review of the Monarchy Majesty 7 String guitar in Imperial Blue color.

    After a thorough play thru, I am totally blown away by this guitar. I don't know what impresses me more: the build quality, the comfort factor, the sound quality, or the smooth action. It stays in tune wonderfully and really feels solid in my hands. Reviews that I watched on You Tube claimed it's very light, and while it's nowhere near what a Les Paul is like, it definitely has more weight than I was expecting,

    Being this is my first 7 String "Adventure", and I have to say that initially I was a little concerned about if the neck would be too wide, etc. but within about 5 minutes it felt like second nature to me. I experience zero discomfort even after hours of playing. Normal 6 string guitars feel weird now by comparison...funny how that works. The ebony fret board feels like silk on my fingers, and it's super smooth. I've played many ebony boards over the years, but there is something special about this one that I can't explain. The added 7th string allows for getting the low notes that normally you would have to drop the low E string to get and it adds quite a ballsy low end overall. Clean sounds on the low B remind me of baritone type sounds.

    I am also very impressed with the versatility of the guitar. You can play anything from super clean to absolute molten metal, and this thing really cranks up the metal sustain like crazy and that is BEFORE activating the boost. Speaking of which, the boost knob is an awesome feature and it's like having a Tube Screamer literally at your finger tips. It works really well either on clean or driven, and it allows for you to play with a crunchier rhythm tone and then hit the boost for a searing lead. Love it!

    The case is also rock solid. The guitar fits perfectly in it, and it was surprisingly heavy. That was such a nice welcome to many other crappy cases I have dealt with over the past 30 years of playing. There are two nice storage pockets inside for all your extra stuff also.

    I got mine from Sweetwater and despite their 55 point inspection, mine did not arrive in tune but it did get to me safe and sound, so no worries there. I was going to use their professionally shot photos, but in all seriousness, the color does not look as cool when it's so brightly lit. I think the blue does better when it catches the shadows and it makes it more of dark and mysterious color. So I have forgone posting the professional shots and just put up a few quick cell phone pics.

    So there you have it. I give Ernie Ball an A+, 5 Stars, and 2 metal horns way up on this awesome axe.
    And thanks also to John Petrucci for even making it happen in the first place.

    The only negative here is that now I want a 6 string version

    If anyone out there has questions on it, feel free to ask.

    Thanks for reading - enjoy my meager pics!

    NGD - Monarchy Majesty 7 String Review-jp-mm-5-jpgNGD - Monarchy Majesty 7 String Review-jp-mm-4-jpgNGD - Monarchy Majesty 7 String Review-jp-mm-1-jpgNGD - Monarchy Majesty 7 String Review-jp-mm-2-jpg
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    Yep, that's a beauty! Congrats on the NGD! I really REALLY want one of these to go with my JP12 and Cutlass. I'm ready to take the 7 string plung!
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    Wow, that blue is beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your review, too.

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