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Thread: JP6 problem

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    JP6 problem

    I have got trouble with JP6 I just recently got, it has a solid rosewood neck and sounds fantastic!! here whats going on with it, when I hit a D chord on second fret I get this weird ringing sound seem to be coming from the d string itself feed back somewhat but more ringing. I can control it for the most part but if I end a tune on that D chord it rings into feed back even in lower gain. I tried deadening the trem springs by inserting some foam in them. I sounds like it is coming from the trem string vibration but the foam wont let the springs resonate now and it is still making that annoying ringing. has any one expedience this phenomenon?

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    Do you hear any noise acoustically? Is it fret buzz or some kind of resonant vibration? Vibrating saddle?

    Also- if you play the chord and move your ear up and down the string, can you hear if it's coming from a particular area? That would help diagnose it a bit.

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    JP trouble

    yes it does still have the noise acoustically!! I have narrowed it down, I think it is coming from inside the neck like truss rod vibration may be a factory defect. I block the trem took all springs out and noise still there. I am a part time guitar Luthier and worked on many guitar over the years and have never come across this before not sure what to do now

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    Is there tension on the rod? What about loosening/tightening it? What about vibrations behind the nut? (Perhaps try dampening it back there too.)

    I would probably call or email MM customer support about it tomorrow- link is in my signature. See what they think. But the more info you have, the better.

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    Couldn't it just be fret-buzz due to the neck's interaction with the environment? Maybe a slight adjustment to the truss rod?

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    JP6 trouble

    No it is something I will probably have to live with, I have tried everything and still there!! it really sucks because I own two Albert Lee music mans and a St Vincent and they are all are awesome guitars but
    this JP6 is a turd!! I hope that their QC is not becoming like Gibson quality control it is garbage

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    Slow down there, fella. Have you tried contacting customer service before declaring that the ship is sinking?

    Also, what's the deal with that JP6? New (in which case it's under warranty)? Used (could someone have messed it up before you got it, etc.)?

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    JP6 trouble

    Like I said, I am a part time luthier and I know
    guitars and this is a turd!! sorry but I call it as I see it!!

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    Ok great.

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    Beej, I didn't mean to sound like an ass, I'm just so frustrated with it!! I got it online used I know I should have played it before I bought it but it has the solid rosewood neck that I love to play on and I don't see them very often!! the three MM I have got the solid rosewood as well I love them some of the best it tune guitars I have played so I figured this guitar would be just as great and it is just for that ringing D

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    No worries- I'm sure that's very frustrating. We've all had duds at one point or another, and it flat out sucks.

    Where I was going was, before you throw it out the window, give MM customer support a call and see if they can help you out. If the neck is toast, worst case, you can unbolt it and buy a replacement. But hopefully they can help you out so it doesn't come to that.

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