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Thread: Stingray Guitar - Intonation w .009's

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    Stingray Guitar - Intonation w .009's

    Hey All,

    Recently switched to .009's and as a result had to re-intonate. I'm finding that I can't quite intonate the low E string, even after removing the spring behind the saddle, to get an extra cpl mm's of movement away from the nut.

    I haven't had this issue with any of my other guitars... I was easily able to intonate the rest of the strings on my Stingray. Just doesn't seem like there is enough space to properly intonate low E....

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Like everyone else here, loving the EBMM (can't wait to scoop the Cutlass).


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    Weird ... bad string perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    Weird ... bad string perhaps?
    Thx Beej. That was the first test. Low E is consistently sharp with brand new strings. Keep the ideas coming!!

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