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Thread: Bfr 2017

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    Casey... It seems there is a problem with the website on the BFR page... all the photos at the bottom seem to be blurry. Maybe you can talk to the webmaster and get that resolved ASAP. JOSH
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    I keep drooling over the necks on these Valentine models, they are out of control with flame figure

    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    That is some sweet flame, Pete!

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    I was trying to order the electric guitar Musicman Majesty BFR which You can find the specs below.
    I think there is a mistake for the pickup description of the this guitar. The configuration should be DiMarzio Sonic Ectasy. (check yellow highlighted below)
    I was confused and suspended my order until I receive Your confirmation related with the pickups.

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    Sonic Ecstasy pickups are used in the Claro Walnut Majesty.
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    If you want to know when your instrument was completed please post in one of the serial number threads.

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