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Thread: Schaller M6 Locking tuners

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    Schaller M6 Locking tuners


    Can anyone with enough experience specify which tuners from this list are on the EBMM JP guitars?

    Here's the link:
    M6 | Schaller

    The specs for the BFR says M6-IND:
    JohnPetrucciBFR6 | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music Man

    I want to upgrade my locking tuners on the Sterling JP100D with schallers and want to make sure I stick to the original design, but with better tuners. I don't know anywhere else to ask: should they be staggered or non staggered? I can figure out the screw holder angle by looking at the guitar.

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    The M6 mini is the one. The IND stands for individual, because Schaller doesn't sell the 4 left, 2 right as a package.
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    Make sure the nut on the Schallers will be long enough to fit the thickness of the SBMM headstock as those models have slightly different specs than the USA versions - You might be able to use a thinner washer on the headstock face if things are close.
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Good to know about the SBMM headstock vs EBMM as I am looking switch tuners on my JP’s. Furthermore, could I just unscrew the pearloid tuning knob off a 2001 Black JP6; and unscrew the Schaller steel tuning knob off a Cinnabar BFR Majesty; could I get a pearloid accent on my Majesty Schaller’s without removing/installing the IND-6, by swapping the tuning knob only?

    If the knobs of these two models can’t be swapped w out machine removal, how risky do you suppose swapping out the whole machine from the Cinnabar’s headstock would be for a luthier?

    Pearl tuners would look good w the runway ebony (chrome knobs too) I think
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    Hello Grandma.

    Yes, you can change the tuner buttons (knobs) using a small flathead screwdriver. It’s very easy. Good luck.

    Here is a reputable website selling them:

    Schaller Replacement Knobs | stewmac.com

    Make sure to get the smaller ones.

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    hi guys...

    newbie here...

    hope everyone is doing alright...

    I'm planning on the same thing for my Sterling JP157....

    Has anyone here already upgraded their sterling JPs with a schaller locking tuners?

    and I did check out schaller locking tuners on their website as well...
    but not sure which one to get that will fit perfectly on it...

    Got a bit worried cause there's 2 options...
    the locking 19.5 and the locking 21.0..
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    Thanks Tollie!

    It was as easy as you said, just got to mind the self enclosed gear (did I say that right?). Going for this aesthetic...

    Would love love love to get some chrome pots.

    Truly, do y’all think cream or white pickups are the way to go for this aesthetic? And (I hope I do not get smote..) barring purchasing new pickups for a cosmetic, any argument for/against ebay/Etsy pup decal/sticker? I mean, 2$ vs illuminated msrp :/
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