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Thread: Installed set of Suhr pickups in my JP6

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    Installed set of Suhr pickups in my JP6

    Man all I can say is WOW!! I put some Suhr Aldrich pickups in my solid rosewood neck JP6, these pickups are fantastic in this guitar! I just ordered a set for my Les Paul custom, I did the coil tap mod and they split very well! they are around 17k bridge 9k neck but they are not like most hot pickups, they clean up wonderfully and not overly compressed at all. the neck is clear and not muddy at all, just a great set of pickups I thought I would share my findings! Im lovin them can't wait to put them in my Les Paul!!


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    Nice! I wasn't crazy about the stock JP pickups myself ... ended up putting a set of Axis pickups in there and love them.

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    That sounds like a wonderful upgrade.

    Those are on my pickup wish list. I can't decide between the Aldrich set or the Bare Knuckles Holy Diver set.

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    I've thought myself about getting a set of Suhr Aldrich pickups for my Silhouette. I have a set of Suhr SSV's in it now and there's really nothing to complain about so haven't actually made the decision.

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    Cool!! It's nice to see this thread!!

    I want to put an Aldrich at the bridge of my silhouette special, I just need to find two good single coil to go with it!


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