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Thread: Silent Circuitry

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    I am having trouble installing a new bridge pick up. It is a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails mini humbucker for the bridge position. It had 3 single coil pickups and I wanted to give a little thicker sound. Any advice. I cant seem to get it to work right or sound right.

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    On which guitar- the Albert Lee? Are you splitting the bridge pickup in the in-between position? Or going with humbucker + single coil?

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    If you're getting sound but not the right sound then you've probably wired the humbucker as "coil-tapped", ie one half only. Get a screwdriver and with the humbucker selected and guitar plugged in to your amp, gently tap the poles on either side of the pickup. You might find that one half of the pup is "alive" and the other side not. If so, then you've tapped it, which is easy to do when changing pup brands and they often use different coloured wires for different purposes.
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