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Thread: 1996 Axis value?

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    1996 Axis value?

    Hey guys, I've been wanting an early model Axis for a long time, 1st year if possible... Well I came across a 96 yesterday for 1025 total. It's not to bad for a 21 yr old guitar, few dings here and there, maybe 1 or 2 small chips.... The thing that concerns me though is the frets, again 21 yr old guitar but I see some indents.. Seller won't go any lower so I'm trying to decide if the cost is worth it since I may have to do a refret pretty soon.

    Now I've owned 2 Axis over the years, the first one was one I should have never let go and I've tried repeatedly over the years to track it down, no luck. It was a '97 I think, I paid like 900 then... The 2nd one, was an 08 model to which it just didn't feel the same to me. Could have been in my head but I let it go with no regrets, paid 800 on that one.

    After all this babble I guess I'm just looking for opinions, think 1025 would be worth a 96' or should I wait for one in better condition?

    Here's the link
    Ernie Ball Music Man Axis 1996 Trans Gold | Mutt's Gear | Reverb

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    That looks pretty sweet to me. You can check Reverb for comparable prices, but I think that's great.

    Refrets aren't that expensive- EB does amazing work and their bench rates are pretty low, should you decide to send it them down the line. (I just had one done on my Morse- shipped it from Canada for the work.)

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    I would say that is a good deal - it looks in great condition and will be well worth the money. Like Beej said, refret is not super expensive if it does need it. GO for it. PLUS, you're not gonna lose money. If you decided later to sell, you'd get that back

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    Thumbs up Good deal

    I think it is in very good considering that its 21 years old. It can even get its own drink... lol.. dad joke = bad joke.

    Doesnt look like it ll need a re-fret, a luthier can file those frets to even out the indents.. You get shiny new-like frets. Might cost you less than 100/150 bucks depending on your location..

    Hope it goes well for you. Good luck!
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    Looks good from where I stand, the case covers kind of not my thing, but I'm not buying it. Good price as well.

    Good luck, Glenn |B)
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    I just pulled the trigger, about 40.00 to dress the frets. Probably still gonna contact Ernie Ball though, can't wait to have another one and hope this one has the magic like that 1st one I had did.

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    Good luck. I tried to see the pics, but the Reverb listing is gone. Please be sure to post a new guitar day for us.

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    Hey Guys, I shall be hoisting a Facebook live this coming Sunday, September 10th at 19:00 CET/18:00 BST demoing and chatting about my new guitar! Hope to see you of you there. Here is a link to my guitar page. Jamie

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    Brilliant. I will check in. Can't wait to see this amazing guitar in action.
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    Awesome! That looks like a killer Axis and a good deal. When you get it, photos or it didn't happen!

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