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Thread: Refret on 2010 Silhouette HSH

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    Refret on 2010 Silhouette HSH

    I would like to refret my Silo, with some 6150 jumbo wire.

    I'll probably have to replace the compensated nut because it will be too low, correct?
    what can I replace it with? which height / width of nut?

    also, is there a way to get a compensated nut like the one I have for such frets?

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    It's possible you can shim the existing nut, though I'm no expert on these things.

    Or, likely you can get a nut from MM- contact the CS team.

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    I refreted my Luke 3 with Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel frets from Jescar. Just shim the nut. Very easy.

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