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Thread: Music Man Majesty Connectivity.

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    Music Man Majesty Connectivity.

    Hi there everyone. I'm going to recieve my EBMM Majesty 7.

    I saw that when the piezo volume is pressed down, i can split my signal to stereo.

    Now, I want to split my signal to the upper switch between the magentic pickups, and the piezo pickup.

    I want to split my chain so that my Line 6 G10 will be connected both to an acoustic preamp and to my Kemper so when I'm only in the piezo position only my acoustic preamp will play out, and when I'm selecting my magnetic pickups, it will play out with my Kemper. and

    Now, Is this even possible?

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    You'll need 2 wireless units. I've got a Majesty and am in the same boat. I thought I could get around this with the G70, but nope. 2 separate units.

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    When I bought my Majesty, I wanted to be able to send the mags and piezo pickups to different inputs in my AX8. My solution was to buy a 12 foot Mogami insert cable. It is a male 1/4 inch TRS into the guitar on one end and 2 male 1/4 inch TS jacks at the other end. Of course, I'm tethered to a cable in this configuration and I too prefer my wireless setup.
    If you want wireless to 2 pathways, you would need a short male TRS to 2 TS female jacks and use a wireless transmitter on each one. Can't think of any other way if you want it all wireless.
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    Wired is easy and using a Kemper or Helix you don't even need to use the mag/piezo switch on the guitar. Leave the switch on both (middle) and you use a Y cable and program your patches to use either mags or piezo or both.

    Wireless though, mmm, I doubt your G10 will handle this. You still need two signals leaving the guitar and the G10 is mono. If there is a wireless unit on the market that accepts and transmits stereo you will be able to do this through the kemper*. You transmit in stereo to the receiver, and then send the left signal (mag) through the main guitar input, and send the right (piezo) through the FX loop or auxiliary input. Then program your patches to use one or the other or both inputs simultaneously. Your acoustic preamp is now redundant.

    *this definitely works on Helix so assume it would be the same for Kemper. I can switch from full acoustic to full metal with a toe switch, no hand switching required.
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