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Thread: Cutlass help please.

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    Cutlass help please.

    I got my Cutlass and the thing is simply gorgeous, but it has two little issues that bug me. The biggie is that the neck and neck pocket don't seem to be aligned as good as they should be. There's a big overhang (the width is about medium-to-heavy pick) from the body over the neck at the neck pocket. It is way bigger than my other three EB's, so it is very noticeable.

    The other abnormality is a weird concave by the input jack that must have been a dip in the wood before they painted it. It's sort of hard to see in the picture. That's pretty minor, but the neck pocket is the bigger issue and not present anywhere close to that on my other three Music Man guitars.

    Is this something that can be fixed, or is it locked in place because of the 5 bolts being drilled where they are?

    Thanks for the help.


    P.S. I notified the dealer on and hopefully they will be cool about returning if I need to. I have also contacted EB customer service, which I know is top notch.
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    It does seem to be rather pronounced.
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    That happens from time to time with bolt on necks. Generally if I don't feel it while playing I ignore it. There isn't going to be any easy fix for it so if it bothers you hit the dealer up for an exchange (since you just purchased it).

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    I'd like to think that was shipping fault, MM quality control is not likely to let it leave the factory that way (I hope)

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    That would bother me too. I haven't had any pocket problems on 7 MM guitars, other than a shim on an Axis--which wasn't a problem as much as it was a preference for string height. But I don't know how you could fix that and it would be hard for me to ignore.
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