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After buying a Steve Morse blue / purple "quilt" Y2D (with a Floyd Rose) at the London International Guitar Show on Sunday last, I had a look at the EBMM website and spotted this Steve Morse Tahitian Blue and almost had an instant wardrobe malfunction Even my wife commented on how gorgeous it is and she has zero interest in guitars.

I've started guitar lessons recently after 40+ years of being able to do little more than strum a few chords and I'm building up a bit of a guitar collection. The MM Steve Morse I bought is beautiful - I've always wanted one since seeing Steve Morse use one in the time he's played with Deep Purple and Flying Colors. I've no idea how the Tahitian Blue will play but it's the most stunning guitar finish I've ever seen. IMO, whoever designed it deserves a medal for services to guitar aesthetics....

Welcome aboard - I like the cut of your jib, mate!