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Thread: Silhouette special HSH - electrical fail

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    Silhouette special HSH - electrical fail

    Hi. I'm new member , and i would like to say hello. It's great forum.
    I'm looking for help in technical issue about Silhouette HSH with passive DiMarzio pickups an 5 pos switch, which i bought used. There's some problem with continuity of electical circuit. I checked pots, switch, etc. Do you have some diagrams, photos of original connections? I would be grateful.

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    Email the customer service team and they can send you a wiring diagram. That said, it's pretty straight forward, so anyone knowledgeable should be able to sort it out by looking at it.

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    That's rigth. The problem is the incorrect (maybe they're broken) winding resistance - only 5,5 kohm and that someone has tried to change the wiring diagram. Therefore, in particular I need to know the resistance of individual pickup sections. I can't find Di Marzio custom single coil specs on web. Is it contact form from link under your post??

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    Yes- contact the MM folks for the guitar wiring.

    The pickups themselves are made by Dimarzio, so if you know the part # (should be on the pickups) you can ask them ->

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    Yes, use the MM contact link under his post. Include your serial number.

    For reference, the single coil should be around 6kΩ (it's a DiMario custom made for EBMM). The humbuckers, assulimg they are the DiMarzio Virtual PAF, should be bridge 8.3kΩ, and neck humbucker 8kΩ. But you'd have to be sure they are the original pickups and measure them out of the circuit.

    When the guitar is plugged in and the amp on (at low volume) tap the pole pieces with a screw driver to find out which coils are in use in each position. Compare to the control layout here...

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    That won't guarantee that wiring is correct but just that it's not terribly wrong. Also note that this is a standard HSH set up so this DiMarzio wriring diagram will help...
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