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Thread: New Majesty issues - help!

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    New Majesty issues - help!

    Hi all,

    I bought a brand new Music Man Majesty 6 at the end of September in Starry Night finish.

    I'm asking for your help because the guitar has a ton of teething problems and I'm not really sure what to do.

    Firstly, I had to adjust the bridge because it started to sag into the recess. I managed to correct that problem myself even thought I'm not particularly proficient with tech stuff.

    The B string just will not stay in tune. I have lubricated the nut, bridge and changed the string multiple times as well as stretched it out and tried to play it in. Nope, just slips out of tune.

    I have broken 3 top E strings since I bought it (so roughly one a week) whilst only playing it for no more than an hour a day (often less). They all break in exactly the same way - the string 'pops' and looses it tension. I tune it back up, start playing again and same thing happens. After the third of fourth time, then string stops tuning up and it snaps at the ball.

    I've also had an issue a couple of times where the pickup selector stops working. I have to unplug the lead and then plug it back in and starts working again.

    I'm reluctant to take it back to the shop as they don't know much about music man guitars and it was really just somewhere I ordered it to.

    It's a shame because the guitar is great.

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Hi there-

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Generally the best course of action is to take it to your dealer for warranty support. However you can certainly drop the MM customer service guys a line- the link is in my signature.

    See what they think.

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    Definitely sounds like something screwy is going on with either the bridge, or the strings themselves.

    But yes, definitely contact customer service.
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    I had the exact same issue you are describing with strings breaking/going out of tune when I had just bought my JPXI.

    I recommend you try the RPS strings from EB as they are reinforced by the ball end. Have not broken a string since I started using these! I guess the regular EB strings just don't hold up for the way the tremolo is designed on the JP guitars. (At least not for the way I play)


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    Check the locking tuners. Strings snapping = tuners too tight. Sudden loss of tension = too loose.

    Also donít wrap the strings around the tuning posts multiple times. Just feed them straight through, pull tight and lock, and turn to tune.
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    sounds like a set up issue and let your dealer help....also the bridges pretty much never need to be adjusted from factory spec so your adjustment may be part of the problem
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    The bridge can't sag unless string tension is lowered or an adjustment is made to the trem spring claw screws so it does sound like the tension at the locking tuners is low and the strings are loosening; this would also explain the B and E string problem. Your E's breaking at the ball is odd.

    Did you replace the broken Es with the same gauge every time? Did you change the string gauge before you noticed the sagging bridge? Floating trems are super sensitive to changes in string gauge and don't like tunings other than standard.

    I dropped gauge to 008 to 038 and had to be very patient with both the bridge and the neck. Locking/blocking the trem is the best route (lots of YouTube vids explaining how to do this) if you need to flatten the profile of the floating bridge.

    Good luck

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    If its a trem guitar, and it's being used for a lot of whammy action, breaking at the ball isn't that uncommon. That's why most of the trem models come stuck with the RPS slinkies, which have strengthened ends. The constant changes in tension can cause the wrap to slip, which then causes the whole string to move a bit.
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