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Thread: Luke 1 Floyd squeaky trem bar

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    Luke 1 Floyd squeaky trem bar

    Hi all - I have loosened the trem bar on my Luke 1 as I want it out of the way when not in use without having to push it. It now drops out of the way fine but I have to listen to it squeak. What's the best way to get it to stop squeaking? Not sure if it's safe to use a lubricant on it and if so where to place it.

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    Same issue on my Axis. I've been thinking about dropping a little oil in there, but I'm interested to see the responses first.
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    I donít think a drop of oil will hurt anything.

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    Graphite, 3-in-1, graphitall, etc. Those all are pretty safe to use on just about anything. While you are at it, lubricate the contact points for the bridge as well. Many people overlook the proper oiling that fulcrum bridges need.
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    Vaseline will make the trem bar silent. Remove arm from trem and put a little bit of vaseline on the part that sits inside the trem, install the arm again and it will rotate completely silent.
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    A drop of oil does the trick. Olive oil is usually the closest oil I have handy, not a problem!

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