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Thread: Hello....newbie from the UK here.....

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    Hello....newbie from the UK here.....

    Hi Paul, where in the uk are you?
    Its probably worth watching a few videos on YouTube on the ins and outs of floyd roses, its little things like not over tightening the Allen bolts at the nut and bridge, centring the fine tuners before tuning up so you have maximum adjustment when the bit is locked.
    Ive gone off floyds after trying the standard musicman trem, I think its better and more responsive. That said, a floyd can be a lot of fun.
    Im sure any questions youve got will be answered on here anyway

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    Welcome aboard, great guitar and it is nice to have another fellow Brit on here as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warg Master View Post
    Personally, I usually string floyd equipped guitars "backwards" leaving the ball end sticking a millimeter or so out of the tuning peg. Habit from having cheaper gutters that would break strings at the bridge so I could unwind at the tuning peg a little and not have to replace the entire string m it stuck cause I liked the look.
    Same here, though I do cut the ball end off. I've always put the plain end through the tuning peg and run it back to the Floyd and snipped the ball end with the excess.
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