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Thread: JP6 piezo tips?

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    JP6 piezo tips?

    So, my new (old) JP6 is finally set up by a proper tech (what kind of magic voodoo does Music Man use on those necks? I've never seen action THAT low without fret buzz!) and ready to be used and abused.

    I'm used to the piezo on my Parker Fly Deluxe and usually run a mono output and will be doing the same on the JP6 (I use an Avid Elevenrack for all my guitar sounds, sacriledge, I know, but great for the cover band I'm in).

    I've only used the JP6 once, but the piezo sound doesnt sound as 'acousticky' as the Parker - actually sounds fairly close to the magnetics. How do you have yours setup in terms of bass, treble and mix?

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    JP6 piezo tips?

    Thats a good question! I have heard of people using the fishman aura pedal at one point JP used it in his live rig. I use a tone matched acoustic tone on my axe fx. But i may end up buying the fishman to try out.

    But as far playing with the EQ on the guitar it self... never really tried before because I figured it wouldnt make much difference.

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    Not sounding acoustic-y? Hmmmm. Check the EQ on the back. It is pretty powerful. There isn't really a factory setting for the eq, just go with sounds good. I run mine pretty near the center. It has a detent that you can feel when you move the screw. Try a fresh battery as well.

    I've been using my JPs in an acoustic band going on 10 years and fooling people every gig.

    Lately I picked up a TC electronic BodyRez pedal. I run it about 11 o'clock. Not that it needed the pedal to sound good.
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    How is the BodyRez compared to the Fishman Aura stuff?
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