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Thread: NGD: EBMM 2016 PDN BFR JP6 Starry Night

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    NGD: EBMM 2016 PDN BFR JP6 Starry Night

    I was encouraged in another thread to start this NGD post about my JP6 Starry Night.

    NGD: EBMM 2016 PDN BFR JP6 Starry Night-bzrdpka-jpg

    This was my first EBMM guitar. I found it in a small music store that has a decent selection, for its size. They have a wall dedicated to entry-level guitars, a wall dedicated to used guitars, acoustics, and other sections. Then there's the "expensive room" that is always locked.

    It was one of the only two EBMM guitars they had. The other one is a Majesty, and I might end up with that one as well. Both were locked away in the expensive room.

    We go to this music store every week, and I go into the room and play whatever is new, and whatever I'd played before. I had played the JP6 many times before, and liked it. I think that I initially had a problem with it being all glittery, which is just a weird personal bias.

    The day it all changed, and I got my first EBMM, three things happened in that room.

    1. I had picked up another guitar to play it, and it was in dire need of a setup. I always mention this to my guitar sales guy when I encounter it, and how I do not want to use my imagination when playing a guitar. The brand doesn't matter in that regard. No matter who makes it, I want to be able to play it right then and there. After that experience, I picked up the JP6 and had an appreciation for the initial setup. Picked up a few others, and kept going back to the JP6.

    2. They had gotten this silver Gretsch guitar that was also glittery, so much that it looked like broken glass under the finish, and hung it on the wall near the JP6. This helped to put the JP6 glitter into perspective. Suddenly, it didn't look so weird, once I had a reference point.

    3. I picked it up to play it for the 10th time, and apparently I was enjoying playing it, because my GF took the price tag off of it and asked my rep to work up a deal. Next thing you know, he walks into the room with the case and says, "Guess what you're taking home today?"

    It's a very unique guitar, it seems, and I had no idea how unique it was until after I got it home.

    After having played it for a few months, I have some notes about the guitar.

    SHORT: This is the shortest guitar in my collection, probably because of the more compact head stock profile and maybe a smaller body. In the rack, it's the shortest of them all. And yet, it does not feel little.

    NICE WEIGHT: Not too heavy, and not too light.

    THIN NECK: I think it has the thinnest neck of all my guitars, measuring from fret board to the back. I have relatively small hands, so this guitar is the easiest to play, for me.

    SMOOTH NECK: No paint or gloss. Slide smoothly.

    NO FRET BOARD INLAYS: I love the plain, simple look of the clean fret board.

    STAYS IN TUNE: The locking tuners, the nut, and the trem system all work together nicely.

    PIEZO: I fell in love with the idea of combining a regular pickup with Piezo pickups, after buying a Taylor T5z. I am convinced that the sound I was getting from the Taylor [combining pickup sound and piezo sound] inspired me to give this JP6 deeper consideration. Piezo pickups are now a selling point for me.

    ACTION: Playing, sliding, and bending all feel better with this guitar, and I can't really explain why. It's my favorite guitar to play.

    The only issue I've had, and it's a small one, is that it has two output jacks, and I usually plug into the wrong one without thinking about it. The lower jack is for "magnetic/stereo," and the higher jack is for "piezo/mono."

    Here are some more big photos. I'm having trouble getting the images small enough for the forum, so that link goes to an Imgur gallery.

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    Congrats on the NGD, but it's not actually a BFR.
    It's a JP6 Standard
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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1812 View Post
    Congrats on the NGD, but it's not actually a BFR.
    It's a JP6 Standard
    OK. Someone else said it was a BFR, so I went with it. Thanks for the correction!

    Edit: Is there a difference between "Standard" and "PDN?" So many different designations to learn about!
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    Nicely done! Great write-up! A great first EBMM guitar for sure! I think the reason you like the action so much is the Stainless Steel frets. They are amazing in all of the ways you describe. To me they make everything about playing much easier and much more comfortable and FUN! Enjoy that guitar! To answer your question, the PDN designation is really only to designate who can sell those guitars. Only dealers with the "Premier Dealer" designation can sell those guitars. They are usually a special package of features not normally found on the "standard" EBMM models available (in this case a JP6). Hope that helps.
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    Very special edition of an amazingly designed, player-friendly instrument.

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    Gosh, that is a fantastic finish. Congrats!

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