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Thread: Wiring Diagram For EBMM EVH

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    Wiring Diagram For EBMM EVH

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram or a pic of the control cavities for a EBMM EVH? I had to replace the switch and want to make sure I get her wired up correctly


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    It's pretty straight forward ... but if you want a wiring diagram, email the MM customer service guys on Monday and they can get you one. Or someone here may have one before then.

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    I have a copy from when I had an EVH... PM me your email address and I'll send it along. Unless I can upload the file as an attachment that you can get to.

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    I've just had to replace my original EVH bridge pickup with a fresh one after having sent in the bad one for replacement. The problem is where the original was 2 conductor this new one is 4 or 5 and it's got me thrown off a little. I've requested a schematic from customer support so Im waiting on that now, but Im wondering if anyone out there has any pictures of the original wiring they could share with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Just solder the black & white wires together (that's where the coils meet). Green goes to ground, red goes to the switch.

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    Hey thanks beej, I was able to figure that out after a quick check on the Dimarzio site but wasn't certain I was correct so thanks! I have a few pictures of everything as it was before I started, however everything was a bit of a mess from being changed around over the years. On the new pickup I do know which is hot and which is ground, but I'm not sure which is the hot and ground on the switch. I took a guess and got everything wired up but as I toggle between the bridge and neck pickups I get a little of the non active pickup, so in other words if I'm on bridge position I get some of the neck pickup and when on the neck position I'm getting the neck pickup some of the bridge pickup as well. I really wish I had some clear pics of the original wiring at the switch but mostly of the connections to the volume pot. I did make a few sketches of the connections at the switch before starting as I figured that'd be the problem spot but I couldn't make sense of the mess at the volume pot or at least not enough to make any helpful notes. I'm not super experienced at wiring but have been successful at installing EMG's then later a Duncan Custom Custom and Jazz pickup in my Les Paul and I've swapped out pickups for a couple friends so I'm confident I can do it, I just don't get all I need to know from looking at schematic having never learned how to properly read one, although I would like to have a look at one to at least try to get what I need from it. So, I guess if anyone has schematic, pics or even a detailed explanation of the connections it would be extremely appreciated, and I would forever indebted to you not to mention grateful beyond all measure. Thanks bunches!

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    Well I got it wired up, but I can tell you all for a fact the new bridge pickup I got from EB does not sound the same as the original that came in the EVH. Take that however you choose but it defiantly sounds different to my ears.

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    Did you get it wired correctly? Green to ground. Black/White together. Red to one side of the toggle. There shouldn't be any bleed between the pickups.

    It's possible an older pickup sounds slightly different- it may have been demagnetized, etc. But we've always been told it's the same design, just with 4-conductor wiring. And I don't recall discussions about how the new ones sound different.

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    Hey been, Initially I had wired it as outlined above Green to ground. Black/White together etc. But when taping the inactive pickup I couldnt be sure if there was a signal or if I was hearing bleed over (likely because the guitar resonates so well) and I had no multimeter. So, I started fresh with a new switch but this time I wired the (new) bridge PU as it is in the Axis where every wire has it's own spot and tested that alone before wiring the old neck PU as it was originally. I do have to admit I spoke to soon, I'm not sure which change did it but the tone I thought I'd lost is back now! Thanks beej!

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    Well hey, great! Glad that worked out.

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