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Thread: Original/recommended pickup heights for Cutlass?

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    I was messing with the Cutlass SSS pickup heights yesterday.

    I tried raising them to Fender's vintage single coil height recommendation of 6/64"from the FRETTED string (MusicMan measures from unfretted strings). It was more powerful and fun at first. But it was a little much for my taste and some notes had that magnetic pull wobble.

    So I tried lowering them a bit to Fender's Texas Specials recommendation of 8/64" from the fretted string. This seems to work really well. It's still a little closer to the strings than MusicMan recommends. But it's within a reasonable range. And it gets a little more punch without introducing any weird side effects.

    My pickups are now set up as follows:
    Neck 8/64"
    Middle 7/64"
    Bridge 6/64"

    I'm wondering if the string brand affects the optimal pickup height. I'm using Elixirs. MusicMan stocks the guitars with M-Steels. It's possible that the different string types have different magnetic properties that will interact with the pickups differently.

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    I haven’t measured but my pickups are set lower than stock with the low E set lower than the high E side. They sound smoother and more straty.

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