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Thread: Get Well Gift for Casey

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    Awesome idea. Thanks for doing all the legwork, Jeff.

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    In and GREAT idea !

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    Pretty good so far, guys! That's 21 people so far who have contributed. We have till Sunday night EST for more generous Knuckleheads to enjoy an act of kindness. Come on -- it'll make you feel good! And, more importantly, it'll make Casey feel good -- any major surgery, especially an organ transplant, comes with psychological effects and a bunch of Knuckleheads getting together to show kindness can go a long way. Let's do this!

    And if you have ideas of what we could get Casey, post 'em here! BP, if you have any insights, please post here or PM me. Otherwise I'll connect with Derek and Brian on Monday.

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    Sorry - have been traveling (picking up new custom motorcycle) and just saw this.

    Am in - and appreciate you organizing!

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    Got it! Keep 'em coming, guys!

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    Late to the party but like the idea very much .
    In !
    P.S. Haven’t seen comment option in PayPal mobile thou , but I’m sure you’ll figure it out .
    Ex-guitar player .

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    Other than a full & speedy recovery, and at least another 20+ years of good health, I wouldn't have a clue what he might want or need... ???
    Balls are Best!!

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    Awesome idea - I'm in $$$ should be with you now.


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    I’ve sent some Euros, thanks for putting this together , great idea,

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    Quote Originally Posted by kestrou View Post
    Sorry - have been traveling (picking up new custom motorcycle) and just saw this.

    Am in - and appreciate you organizing!

    Same here except for the bike thing

    I'm of course in
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    amazing and touching gesture. thanks so much
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    I’m in. Thanks for thinking of this and setting it up!

    Get well Casey!


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    Awesome day, guys! 8 more donations for a total of 29 people! Can we get one more to make an even 30?!?

    If you donated already, please confirm that you're listed on the first post in this thread. If not, PM me your Forum handle, your real name, and your PayPal email address. I could have missed one or two when I was transcribing from PayPal to add names to the post.

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    Great stuff Jeff donation sent
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