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Thread: Ordered my first EBMM geetar!

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    Ordered my first EBMM geetar!

    I am a bass player through and through and have been a EBMM fanatic for some time and have a rather hefty collection of EBMM basses. I was a bass player in the US Army way back when flip phones were cutting edge and I actually wound up playing as much guitar as I did bass because it was harder for guitar players to pass the military band auditions back then and I had the fortune of 4 years of jazz guitar lessons in college. But with that said I was still a teletwanger fan and was super excited when I got to my first duty station to find that they had an Axis Sport and a Silhouette being a huge EBMM fan. The main guitar player got the Silhouette and I got the Axis. I loved the Axis and it was the guitar I chose to take when we deployed to the Balkans.... it served me well.... but I always wanted the Silho..... I just loved the SR5ish look.

    Well fast forward today and although I am back to being a full time bass player in the civilian world, I am playing in a band with a well known bass player who happens to be a great guitar player too. So there will be some tunes when he jumps back on bass and being a lefty I can not play his guitar. Soooooo yesterday I ordered my very first EBMM guitar of my own. I got my long desired Silhouette in White with a maple board. I cannot wait to get that beauty. I may become hooked on the skinny string EBMM instruments too.

    I tried to tell my story over in the bass player side of the house but nobody seemed to share my excitement. Haters gonna hate....

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    Nice story - we are gonna need to see some pics when it lands. Have you still got the axis or did Uncle Sam own it?

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    My first EBMM instrument was an SR 4 in Lava Pearl, which I have since sold. I've now got two of their guitars, and they are great. Some of the best bolt-ons I've ever played. Versatile as heck and incredible build quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapperJ View Post
    Nice story - we are gonna need to see some pics when it lands. Have you still got the axis or did Uncle Sam own it?
    Yes that one belongs to the tax payers... I wonder hat happened to it. It was a beast!

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    Congrats! Silhouette was my first EBMM. Seven EBMMs later . . .
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    Grats! I can identify with you, as I started off on guitar and much later got bitten by the bass bug, ended up ordering a Stingray.
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