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Thread: EBMM Blues Saraceno Gold sparkle pickups

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    EBMM Blues Saraceno Gold sparkle pickups

    I know this subject has come up several times but does anyone know for sure what pups are loaded into blues' gold sparkle, maple neck guitar.

    I am asking because I read seth lover and these are bright pickups. With a strat scale and a maple neck, it just sounds like tinnitus waiting to happen.

    May Blues has hearing loss from all those years infront of 100 watt amps

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    It is confusing with all that has been Seth. Sounds like a whole lotta humbucker opening up to the pearly gates of heaven. Perhaps it is something custom, custom made? Something to certainly make a saturday night, very special.

    In all seriousness I'm guessing blues is using a different set of pups now and that may explain he is not found at Seymour endorsed list.

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