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Thread: New Year Sales?

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    New Year Sales?

    Could be in the market for a Cutlass here: Anyone seen any EBMM dealers offering New Year sales prices on their guitars, or is that reserved for washing machines and suits rather than guitars? I'm in the UK but happy to import.

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    Hi, this seems a pretty good deal, Music Man Cutlass Trem Vintage Sunburst - Peach Guitars

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    You might check out the for sale section here on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErnieJohn View Post
    Yes - I did spot that and contacted them but I should have said that I need a maple fretboard; I don't get on with RW. They had no maple models in stock sadly.

    Yes - definitely have my eye on the classifieds here but also definitely prepared to buy new if I can score a good price.

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