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Thread: EBMM Silhouette HSH Pickup Wiring

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    EBMM Silhouette HSH Pickup Wiring

    Hi guys,

    I've recently purchased a new Silhouette HSH from Project Music in the UK, great guitar - absolutely love it. However I'm finding due to my playing style the middle single coil is getting rather in the way when picking, I'd like to remove the single coil and make the guitar a HH, would you guys be able to assist in helping me with what adjustments would need to make to the wiring?

    The EBMM Customer Service team have very kindly sent me a schematic of the Luke 3 HH (as Id like that pickup switching config) - The Luke 3 does utilize a circuit board that is not in the Silhouette to match the volume of the single coil positions with that of the humbucker positions, so although helpful, it's wildly different to the Silhouette's stock components.

    I'd simply like to remove the single coil from the circuit and have (1 - Bridge, 2 - Inner Coils, 3 - Bridge + Neck, 4 - Outer Coils, 5 - Neck) if possible - or as close as possible.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks guys!

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    Have a look at the Axis Super Sport or Albert Lee HH wiring (you'll have to email them for the wiring diagrams). That's basically what you're after.

    Another option would be to drop the height of the middle single coil, so it's not in the way of your picking. You could always replace it with something that has a bit more output, then drop the height down so it's right out of the way.

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    Also check the DiMarzio website, they have wiring diagrams that will do what you want (with the correct wiring colors for their pickups).

    Wiring Diagrams | DiMarzio

    edit: Here's what you need, uses a multipole 5-switch.
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