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Thread: Help Luke III

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    Help Luke III

    I own a Luke III Hazelburst.

    I love this guitar to death but its colour is really dark. Too dark for me at least.

    As I've recently had a great experience in refinishing, I was thinking of having this one done as well...

    BUT I need to know how this guitar was painted.

    - Is the wood stained then laquered (then hard to get back to "bare wood")


    - Is the colour 'in' the poly finish?

    Thanks guys!
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    I’m thinking stained, like the one in the vid, Music Man Axis Tribute Guitar - YouTube

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    The figured wood is probably stained to bring out the grain. It usually is stained in a color to match with the overlaying color.

    If you don't like the color, probably better to sell it to someone who does rather than devalue a limited edition Ball Family Reserve guitar.
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