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Thread: Majesty action issue

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    I also am in the Chicago area, and I can tell you that as soon as the heat kicked in for the winter the action on my Majesty 7 string went right out the window. I made a couple of adjustments and wound up putting it back in the case with some Planet Waves humidity packs. I haven't really pulled it out and tried it since (numerous reasons), but it's been a struggle here trying to get the house humidity up to 40% since I don't have a whole house system. By comparison, my $450 Schecter which I basically do nothing to stays perfectly adjusted all year and in the Spring it will be equally ready to rock. I am thinking that the floating bridge and type of woods come into play here on the Majesty vs the Schecter, plus it's a far more precision instrument and made of higher quality materials. So in the end, I chalk it up to really being the nature of the beast.

    In your case, I would either put the Majesty in its case with the humidity packs when not being played, put a room humidifier in your room with the guitar(s), and/or invest in a whole house unit it. Make minor adjustments and then check it the next day. Repeat as needed.
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    DrKev has offered perfect advice in this thread.

    You certainly are wise to humidify your guitar, even electrics. Winter can really jack up a neck. No surprise to need adjustments frequently on a neck that is thin. Nothing wrong with tweaking a truss rod as necessary, and temperature/climate shifts will make that wood move.

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    I just did a complete re-adjustment on my JP-15-7 that I bought a few months back. The action had also raised considerably and I had to adjust the truss rod, the saddles and intonation. Not a big deal and I attribute it to this still being a new instrument getting settled plus the brutally dry winter here in the North East this year again. I find that some guitars react more to the humidity swings that we experience here than others. And yes, a humidifier (or de-humidifer in the summer) can be a good idea (mine recently broke and I just received a new one so we'll see what that does to my new adjustment).

    What I was wondering though is why the action would go UP. I think any time this happened on my other guitars the dryness makes the wood shrink and actually increase the tension on the truss rod and therefore lowering the action? Good thing is that most of my other guitars stay relatively stable except for my Washburn N4 (also unfinished neck) and my acoustic. Making sure the neck is waxed and oiled sufficiently (for those that are unpainted) may make a difference.

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