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Thread: Anybody add a piezo to an Axis sport semi hollow

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    Anybody add a piezo to an Axis sport semi hollow

    Because these are so hard to find, I'm wondering if anyone has tried this mod. Or if EBMM is able to do it for me.
    I have a solid body Axis sport with piezo and I also has and Axis sport semi hollow without. I'd like to add the piezo to the semi if possible. I should also add that the semi has a vibrato bridge and I would be willing to go to a hardtail and use the route for any additional hardware.
    Thanks for your input.

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    They won't install one for your, so your only choices are to add an aftermarket one yourself (not that difficult, but you won't get the resale value from it), or to sell it and find one with a piezo.

    If you do it yourself, there are a number of threads here about installing them in various guitars. I've done it with a Steve Morse model.

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    I will recommended you to take a look at Graphtech Gost system.

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