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Thread: Looking for a JP12 BFR skb musicman case!

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    Thumbs up Looking for a JP12 BFR skb musicman case!

    Hi all, as titled i am looking for a jp12 skb (plastic) case, obviously the case which has the signed signature badge and jp sized cut out recess. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale please let me know, as have purchased the guitar and have now found out that it has been put in a universal musicman case and therfore the guitar sits sloppy in the recess and also would like to return it to its originally designed case, pictures below to explain also. Many thanks in advance for any help ����

    What i have:Looking for a JP12 BFR skb musicman case!-2dff7b2c-d352-4bb9-913c-176cb2dbf74f-jpg

    What im looking for: Looking for a JP12 BFR skb musicman case!-7a59e151-3211-4a71-b065-b927d7fef23d-jpgLooking for a JP12 BFR skb musicman case!-e36d8b75-a10c-44c8-8b54-f4db764d9606-jpg

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