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Thread: Gotoh GE1996T tremolo on SBMM AX40D?

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    Gotoh GE1996T tremolo on SBMM AX40D?


    Will a Gotoh GE1996T tremolo fit into my Sterling by Music Man AX40D guitar with no modifications?

    Also, which block height should I choose (36mm or 33mm)?

    Here are the specs for the Gotoh GE1996T: GE1996T | G-GOTOH Ltd.

    Thank you!
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    Welcome! Have a look at this great thread. It may provide the information you're looking for.

    Sterling AX40 Tremolo & Pickup Selector Switch Modification
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    Hi, edhalen!

    Thanks a million for the link. It's a great thread! Now I wanna try all those mods!

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