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Thread: Hello! Valentine or not?

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    I don't know, sorry.
    Music Man Cutlass RS HSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by hmz View Post
    Does the Stering model have the same pickups are the American verison?
    No, they are sterling pickups but they are good - check out YouTube videos for a listen
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapperJ View Post
    Dude, the HH is mega!
    I now need a valentine tho
    Funny, I love my Valentine. Now I need an AL HH. That rosewood n KC looks glorious.

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    I had my Valentine about 18 months now, was a dedicated tele player up until then, its now my number one. Bridge pup is a bit more aggressive than a modern tele, more broadcaster. Battery life is officially 100 hours, that's with the jack plugged in, so just unplug when not in use, between sets etc, and you probably wont have to worry about it for six months. You wont regret getting one.

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