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Thread: I got my mutual admiration on

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    I got my mutual admiration on

    Amazon let me start streaming as soon as I purchased a cd

    So far my favorite is
    I want you back

    I love old motown

    I haven't purchased a cd since the last Flying colors release

    Strong Work BP
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    I just listened to the full album too! Multiple listenings required to soak in all the great playing! Great work BP! See everyone at NAMM!
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    Yeah, me too. I gotta say, I am LOVING Jim Cox's keyboards. Just loving his chops and vibe!

    Checkin' Up On My Baby had me rocking.

    Cryin' Time is such a great, classic country vibe. Again, the keys under Albert's work are great. And I love those steel guitar fills by Jeremy Mayers. I really like that Cryin Time isn't a shred fest. The lead at 2:35 to the outro is so awesome, with those steel guitar flourishes underneath. Reminds me of a Dukes of Hazzard episode (one of the "love scenes", not a car chase).

    JP's Disney Medley is... Odd? LOL. I love the modes and sweeps and shredding on "When You Wish Upon a Star"!

    Strip Mall Gourmet is such a cool vibe. And when the distorted lead comes in, damn. Really cool. And then Jim's keys around 1:50. So cool.

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    Agreed re. "Checking Up On My Baby." Made me grab my bass and pretend that I'm good enough to play along with BP. :-)
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    I’m hoping the CD will be on sale at NAMM - anybody know for sure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kestrou View Post
    I’m hoping the CD will be on sale at NAMM - anybody know for sure?

    Kevin and you can have it in 2 days...

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