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Thread: Strings hight

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    Strings hight

    Hello, dears

    please tell me if I am wrong or right about my MM.
    I think i've got too much hight strings possitions above neck.
    It is about 3-4 mm, and it is more than I expected, and it is hard to play on high frats.

    I think floyd adjustments won't make any sense.

    Please see the attached images.Strings hight-img_20180123_120052-jpgStrings hight-img_20180123_115920-jpgStrings hight-img_20180123_115817-jpgStrings hight-img_20180123_115838-jpg

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    Hi this looks a bit high, yes
    There are many guides in the www how to setup your guitar.
    First I think you should check your neck/truss rod like this:

    If this is set up correctly go to the bridge
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    From the wide photo, it looks like you've got too much relief in the neck to me. The video banjo shared should fix you up. It's pretty easy, but if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, a local tech can probably fix you up for not a lot of money. Just remember small adjustments and let it settle.
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    Yes. If there is too much neck relief that will add height to the action. But that itswelf may not be enough in this case (if indeed tha action is 3 - 4 mm). With the Axis Floyd Rose intended to sit of the guitar top, and there are no saddle height adjustments, neck shims are the appropriate way to adjust the action once neck relief is in the correct range.
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    That floyd definitely looks to be tilted up. It should be flat on the body, with the pivot studs probably as far down as they will go.

    Was this bought new, or used? If you got it new I would definitely take it into the shop where you got it and have them set it up properly. That's definitely more than just too much relief.
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    OP: did you buy this guitar from someone? It may be that it has been deliberately set high for slide playing. If this is the case, with a Floyd Rose trem, the easiest way to do this is with neck shims that deliberately set the neck with a higher angle. Dr.Kev mentions neck shims. I do not like Floyd Rose trems due to the need for shims for finite saddle height adjustment; a really awful design.

    Do not take your guitar to a tech yet; a complete waste of money; learn to fish! Watch the video banjoplayer linked to and set the neck relief first; based on the pics this will do nothing for action but this is one variable put to bed. Next, I would block the trem so that it is flat to the top of the guitar, tune to pitch, remove block and adjust the trem claw screws to re-flatten the trem.

    Next, check the trem pivot or bridge posts; it's possible that they are screwed out, lifting the whole bridge. Try screwing them in and see if the bridge height drops; this is the most likely reason for your high action.

    Then, if still too high, remove the bottom E from the Floyd Rose, undo the bridge lock screw and lift the saddle to look for shims. Remove the shim(s), put it back together and assess the impact on action. If the problem is solved, repeat with the other 5 strings; don't mix the saddles around; they are position-specific.

    If the action is still too high then the neck angle is too high. At this point, I would remove the neck and go looking for shims. This may be the point at which you may be more comfortable taking you guitar to a luthier for adjusting the angle correctly.

    Good luck
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