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Thread: Sterling St Vincent low E string buzz

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    Unhappy Sterling St Vincent low E string buzz

    This is my 1st thread.

    I bought a new Sterling St Vincent and the low E and the A string (to a lessor degree) buzz on every fret. Does not buzz if picked open. I've tried everything I know to fix this without results. I even put foam under the tremolo springs which didn't help.
    Setup specs I'm using:

    1st fret action .020
    neck relief .012 at 8th fret
    string height at 12th fret .060

    I'm not sure how to set up the pivot studs on the tremolo and would appreciate some help.
    When I received the guitar the bridge was really high In the FRONT for some reason. I adjusted it back down flat with the body.

    Thanks for your help

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    Hmmm. Most EBMM guitars get action adjustment by adjusting the truss rod. I've not had to adjust bridge or saddle heights from the factory, but I've had to adjust the truss rod. Not sure how well the Sterling line is set up, but I would assume it's similar to EBMM setup.

    Did you try adjusting the truss rod prior to adjusting the bridge height?
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    buddy bean: Please describe the buzzing better; is it string buzz? Your comment regarding no buzz when open suggests that this is the case. The STV-60 link was regarding something mechanical in the trem that was causing the buzz. I'm pretty sure your Sterling version trem is not floating; only goes down not up and in the up position it should be completely flat to and in contact with the body. By "high" I assume you mean it was already leaning forward a bit when you got it; I assume also that to correct this and make it flat with the body you simply tightened the claw screws a little.

    Next step is to re-check the neck relief; really easy to do. I usually put a capo on the 1st fret and with a right hand finger on the low E at the 16th fret, pluck the string between finger and capo; if you hear a note you have relief. Relief is a matter of personal preference. Some will advise you to set the neck so that a business card will fit under the string at the 8th fret when capo-ing the 1st and fingering the 16th; I like mine a little tighter; almost flat. EBMM guitars are the easiest to adjust relief; just a quarter turn of the little wheel at the base of the neck at a time; clockwise to tighten (flatten) counter clockwise to loosen and add relief. You mention .012"; not bad but high for me.

    With a flat trem and a flattish neck, the next step is too check saddle height; each saddle has two little hex screws. When you reset the trem closer to the body you raised the whole bridge slightly already but the buzzing, if from the string, should go if you raise the low E saddle just a little more.

    If after all of this, you determine that the buzzing is not string related, focus on the bridge/trem components. A very common cause of buzzing is a loose saddle screw; the saddles are cramped together and it's possible to loosen one saddle screw so that it's only just touching the base and it buzzes away. The adjacent saddles support the loose end so it's not always obvious when just eyeballing the bridge so check them all.

    Good luck! Report back!
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    Thanks Rick for your help.
    The buzzing seems like it must be a mechanical issue since it buzzes on every fret. The string height at 12th fret is 1/16"
    The saddles are level and all screws are touching the bridge.
    The bridge is flat on the body and I have 4 springs on the trem to keep it flat with 10 ga. strings.
    Still have the buzz. No buzz with the string played open.
    I just can't seem to figure it out

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