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Thread: Pawn Shop Find that seems a little bit off. Some help from experts needed

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    Are we at any point going to find out what the asking price is?

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    iF the price was right and
    IF i was in the states I'g go after that but .....

    alas I'm in the UK.

    I've already "saved" a JP6 from the states (MD resprayed white that I got back to original)
    but this one would probably be not worth importing due to the work required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapperJ View Post
    Are we at any point going to find out what the asking price is?
    Its seem odd that this most obvious question is being avoided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumjunak View Post
    Thanks all! I donít think I need to proceed. The refinish cuts the value in at least half. Then Iíd be overpaying. I look at the guitar collection partially as an investment.
    I think this earlier post get's us in the ballpark of the asking price...???
    Enjoy Your Balls!!!

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